Exhumation of Civil War Grave in Porreres.


The second phase of exhumation of the Civil War grave at Porreres cemetery will begin again in July.

It was stopped in July 2018 because the grave of a local resident needs to be demolished to allow the exhumation to continue, but according to regulations a body cannot be moved until two years after the burial.

The issue went to court after a confrontation between the City Council, who authorised the burial, and the Balearic Government, who requested judicial authorisation to remove the body.

The City Council approved the move this week and arrangements are now being made to continue the exhumation in July.

“Everything is ready so that the work can begin in July when the two year deadline passes and the company that's carrying out the demolition and reconstruction work has been tendered since 2018,” said Jesús Jurado, Regional Secretary of Memòria Democràtica. “The work in the pit involves demolishing a block of 37 niches, 5 oseras and 2 chapels and once the exhumation has been carried out, those buildings must be rebuilt.”