Property owner in Pollensa charged with coercion.

Property owner in Pollensa charged with coercion.

14-05-2020Gabriel Alomar

The owner of an apartment in Puerto Pollensa has been arrested for coercion for allegedly locking a squatter out of the property.

Cristina P. moved into the home in June 2019 and worked at one of the owner’s businesses, but when she stopped working in October she could no longer afford to pay the rent.

"The rent was 650 euros and I only received a grant of 430 euros,” she said.

Cristina’s been squatting at the property since December 2019 and is being sued by the owner.

An eviction order is pending, but last Tuesday when she left the apartment, the owner allegedly changed the locks.

“All my belongings were inside, he didn't want to give me anything back,” claimed Cristina.


The owner has already filed an eviction order and the electricity in the apartment was cut off this week.

He also emptied the apartment when he changed the locks on Tuesday, and has already rented the property to someone else.

Cristina P went to court in Inca on Thursday to request access to the home to collect her belongings.

"At noon I was able to enter but they have thrown everything away, they have taken everything," she said.

The owner has accused the tenant and her brothers of subletting apartments in the area.

"They try to squat in the houses and have been evicted on several occasions,” he claimed. “Many people have suffered because of their actions and I have had to defend myself because I have experienced threats from all of them.”

The apartment owner, who prefers to remain anonymous, is adamant that the tenant’s version of events "is totally false" and vowed to "prove the whole truth through the courts.”


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