Inter-Island flights resume on May 24. | Ultima Hora


Air Nostrum's Inter-Island services will be up and running from from May 24 with 5 flights a day, three between Majorca and Ibiza, and two from Majorca to Minorca.

The airline says demand for the service will be closely monitored and adjusted if necessary.

Air Nostrum has been operating daily flights between Palma, Ibiza and Minorca since October 1999 and from the Peninsula to the Balearic Islands for nearly 26 years, but was forced to ground its planes when the coronavirus State of Emergency was declared.

“It seems to me very symbolic that, after just one stoppage in the life of Air Nostrum, that we are resuming activity where we started and where we feel very much at home. Without a doubt, this is a significant step towards the return to normality that everyone wants,” said Air Nostrum President, Carlos Bertomeu.

The Airline has transported 17.8 million passengers since its first flight between the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands on December 15, 1994.

In 2019, 636,000 passengers flew on Inter-Island flights with Air Nostrum, 5% more than in 2018.