2020 Summer School Program begins in July. | Ultima Hora


Primary and Private School pupils in the Balearic Islands will be able to take part in the Summer School Program in July and registration is now open.

The School Accompaniment Program, or PAE 2020, is usually aimed at ESO students in Public Schools, but because of the coronavirus pandemic it’s been extended to Primary 5º and 6º students this year and it will be offered to subsidised Centres for the first time.

The aim of the PAE is to help students who haven’t met their objectives or achieved the relevant course skills during the 2019-20 academic year.

Preference will be given to students who are in a particularly vulnerable situation for economic, socio-cultural reasons, at risk of dropping out of school, have specific needs for educational support or have been affected by the pandemic.

The School Accompaniment Program is part of the Educational Success Plan promoted by the Ministry of Education, University & Research, which aims to improve students' skills by strengthening their abilities and autonomy so that they can regulate their own learning.

Groups of between 5 and 8 students can be requested, depending on the facilities and the programme will be carried out by Voluntary Teaching Staff who know the students, their personal circumstances and their family environment.

A total of 24 hours will be allocated to each group, from Monday to Friday every week from July 1-31.

Last summer, 1,578 students from 46 Centres participated in 201 groups, with 172 teachers.