Oranges being sold for double the origin price.

Oranges being sold for double the origin price.


Markets and supermarkets are charging customers double the amount they paid farmers for oranges and even more for lemons, according to the latest Government Price Observatory report.

The massive mark-ups have been heavily criticised by the farmers, who are demanding that the Government set specific criteria.

The Directorate General of Policies for Food Sovereignty, says the price of oranges in markets is double the cost at origin and 1.6 higher in big stores.

In the second week of May, oranges were selling for 1.75 euros per kilo in supermarkets and 1.90 euros in markets, but the original price was just 0.78 euros per kilo.

The mark-up is even higher on lemons with consumers paying triple the price at origin.

Other products appear to have remained stable, a pint of milk cost between 0.79 and 0.89 euros in supermarkets this week and lamb was being sold for 8.99 euros per kilo.


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