Paseo Marítimo traffic restrictions from Monday. | Jaume Morey


The Balearic Port Authority or APB, will designate one lane of the Paseo Marítimo in Palma to pedestrians and terraces, to help kick-start the economy, restore businesses and facilitating social distancing.

From Monday, May 25, traffic will be banned from one lane between Carrer de Monsenyor Palmer and Portopí, pavements and terraces will be widened and road traffic will be restricted to the other two lanes.

The changes will be introduced in three stages.

In phase 1, New Jersey concrete barriers will be installed between Carrer de Monsenyor Palmer and Carrer de l'Aigua Dolça, to protect customers at cafés, bars and restaurants.

In phase 2, the parking spaces between Carrer de l'Aigua Dolça and Darsena de Ca’n Barbarà will disappear.

In phase 3, the parking spaces between Darsena de Ca’n Barbarà and Carrer Torre de Paraires will be freed up.

The works to incorporate the traffic lane closest to the pavement will be completed in two weeks which will include the installation of safety barriers and road markings.

Confluence of interests

The APB has recently received requests from business associations and nightlife and leisure companies to carry out an expansion of the terrace spaces on the promenade, to compensate for reduced capacity on terraces and implement social distancing.

Reducing the number of traffic lanes in the Paseo Marítimo is part of the Balearic Port Authority’s remodelling plan to provide more space for residents to walk along the port.

The expansion of the port area pavements and terraces coincides with a measure promoted by the City Council to open urban spaces to pedestrians and businesses including the road on the side of the Paseo Marítimo that’s closest to the sea in Palma.