Majora, Minorca & Ibiza move to Phase 2 on Monday. | Ultima Hora


The Health Minister, Salvador Illa has confirmed that Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza will progress to Phase 2 of the coronavirus de-escalation plan on Monday, May 25.

Formentera has already started Phase 2.

The President of the government took to Twitter, saying, "Great news that should encourage us to keep doing things right. We move forward prepared, responsibly and prudently, together. Congratulations everyone!"

He also said that the Community of Madrid, the city of Barcelona and Castilla y León will finally move to Phase 1 on Monday.

The Valencian Community, several zones in Catalonia, the Provinces of Málaga and Granada in Andalusia, Toledo in Ciudad Real and Albacete in Castilla-La Mancha will continue in Phase 1 and the rest of the country will progress to phase 2.

The provinces that are not progressing are the ones that joined Phase 1 later than other Communities.

The Ministry of Health decided which communities would move to the next Phase after studying the proposals and discussing the data with Regional Executives.

There are now no communities in Spain that are still in Phase 0.

"I want to give a sincere congratulations to all the communities, not only are we coming out of this situation, we are stronger. The decisions have been taken with the maxim that every step we take is a safe step,” said Minister Illa.