President Armengol, pressing for a June start to foreign tourism.


President Armengol has again stated that she wants foreign tourism in the Balearics before the first of July, the date announced by Prime Minister Sánchez. This earlier foreign tourism would begin with "a pilot test" in the second half of June.

"We are working on reopening and we will do this in a safe manner," the president said on Tuesday, adding that she hopes the Spanish government will support the Balearic plan for tourism under the de-escalation programme.

She once more called for a reduction in airport taxes and, in support of the Balearic strategy, she pointed to the fact that Tui have indicated that Majorca and the Balearics will be the first destinations with which the tour operator will resume operations.


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Dave and Jim, I think it is not about a few British pensioners, who complain about overflying aircrafts and or their own safety. It is about an army of Spaniards and other Mallorcan citizens, who have lost their jobs and live of ERTE or governement handouts. I wonder how you would react if you had to feed your family of 450 euros a month or you have not received any ERTE yet and have to borrow money from family and friends to buy food. If I was in their situation, I truly would not give a monkey´s about a few old and weak people dying. But you two, enjoy your well deserved pensions and stay indoors at all times. Just to be safe.


Keira / Hace about 1 year

Well, somehow we all need to work to survive, the spanish government was totally broke already before this corona even started, if the economy and businessneses can’t start working we will all starve to death. The government don’t have the money to carr7us over this with taking some chances.


Ian / Hace about 1 year

All the people giving negatives to the comments below either a) live in the Uk and are tourists (please stay home this year, we don't want you) or b) live in Mallorca but run some dodgy bar or hotel in Magaluf/Palma Nova and need Brit tourists. Well no one will miss seedy bars and hotels if they go under, so adios. Please leave those who live hear alone this year, keep your virus at home and let us enjoy the uncrowded Island this summer.


Dave / Hace about 1 year

I'm sorry, I must have missed it, but can someone point me to the article where we found a cure for Covid 19. There must have been one because now Mallorca is going to let anyone who wants too, come here and the sooner the better. Totally irresponsible.


Jim / Hace about 1 year

What a joke. We all put up with one of the worlds longest an toughest lockdown. We get the virus under control and now the money people want as many tourists as possible back here asap. Just watch the virus figures take off as people from badly hit countries like the UK, Russia and Sweden pile here. I find it offensive and they will have blood on their hands come the second wave!