One minute silence for Covid-19 victims. | Ángeles Visdómine

The Spanish Prime Minister will lead a minute of silence at 12-noon on Wednesday in memory of the 26,800 victims of Covid-19 nationwide as 10 days of mourning begins in Spain.

The Government has invited all Public and Private bodies, Institutions and citizens of Spain, both at home and abroad to “stop what they’re doing for one minute as an act of deep respect."

The invitation has also been extended to all Social, Cultural and Sporting events that take place during the ten days of mourning.

The Royal Decree of National Mourning, which was approved by the Council of Ministers, came into effect at midnight on Tuesday and will run until June 5, inclusive.

According to Moncloa it’s a matter of "appealing to the whole country to remain united and dedicate a solemn, serene and sincere moment" to all those who died from coronavirus and "keep them forever in memory.”

In the Balearic Islands

One minute of silence will also be held at 12-noon on Wednesday by the Government Delegate in the Balearic Islands, Aina Calvo in Palma the Insular Directorate in Ibiza-Formentera and the Insular Directorate in Minorca.