Monitor-Child ratio reduced from 14 to 10. | Ultima Hora

The Balearic Government has reduced the number of children a monitor can be responsible for, from 14 to 10 and the rules apply to camps, summer camps and neighbourhood leisure activities.

The drop in ratio is included in the new coronavirus safety and hygiene measures in the Educational Leisure field. The protocol also states that social distancing must be respected and that if it’s not possible, children will have to wear a mask in phase 3.

State regulations covering the use of face masks after Phase 2 are still pending.

The protocol also establishes what actions should be taken if a child presents coronavirus symptoms, which includes disposing of all hygienic material in facilities, cleaning, etc. The regulations were agreed between the Government, Town Councils and the Island Councils.

The development of educational leisure activities is one of the biggest challenges of the summer, not only do new hygiene and safety measures have to be introduced, they must facilitate work-life balance whilst schools are closed.


The Consell de Mallorca has said it will allocate one million euros to help encourage participation in this type of activity. Aid will go to families, but will be managed by the Consistories that organise them.

President, Catalina Cladera, said they want to help those most vulnerable, so priority will be given to families with a low income, where a parent is unemployed or in ERTE, or who’ve ceased a professional activity, but all families will be eligible for aid while the money lasts.

A maximum of 150 euros per child has been set and Andreu Serra, Minister of Tourism & Sports, estimates that between 5,000 and 10,000 families will benefit from the aid.

The aid is part of the ‘Mallorca reacts’ plan, which the Consell de Mallorca launched to combat the Covid-19 crisis.

President Cladera says “the measure is aimed at children, so that they can have summer and regain their normal social lives, and it’s also about social cohesion,” she said.

Councillor, Jaume Alzamora from the Department of Local Cooperation which is also involved in the project, praised the work of leisure organisations and said that the Council is preparing other “quality and inclusive leisure initiatives.”