Phase 2 of Son Banya demolition has begun. | Pere Bota


Palma City Council is giving 120,000 euros to families who are being evicted from Son Banya during the second phase of the process and families will receive grants of up to 1,000 euros a month for rent and expenses.

Last February, the Department of Culture & Social Welfare estimated that the families would receive €15,000-€20,000, including money and aid for rent, depending on their situation.

The second phase of evictions from Son Riera-Son Banya began this week and Palma City Council has published a tender notice for the demolition of the last 95 properties that are home to around 85 families.

The Social Welfare Department estimates that of those 85 families, 68 will need financial aid to help them find a new home.

The initial eviction program estimated that 80 families would need assistance. 12 of them joined the program in the first phase: 8 were relocated to public housing rentals, 3 received financial aid of approximately 3,000 euros each to connect the water supply to their homes and one family rejected the house that was offered.

"One more step"

Second Phase work will cost around €917,575, the execution period is 45 months and bids must be submitted before 1400 on June 16.

“One more step has been taken in the final eradication of the town, which ground to a halt during the coronavirus State of Emergency,” said the Consistory.

During the first phase, demolition was done house by house, but in phase two it will be done block by block and once the properties have been demolished, a slope will be put in place to stop Son Banya residents from putting up new buildings.