Magalluf, one of the mature resorts.


The Council of Majorca is to amend its PIAT plan for intervention in tourist areas and to establish definitively that there will be the progressive elimination of 120,000 tourist accommodation places (beds).

There is currently a ceiling of some 430,000 places. The elimination will result in there being 310,000. The 120,000 places were granted under the 2012 tourism law, the so-called Ley Delgado of the Partido Popular's Carlos Delgado. The PSOE-led government's legislative reform of 2017 indicated that these places would be eliminated through a process of amortisation. But it has been accepted that this provision was subject to different interpretations. Therefore, a new article will be added to PIAT and another article modified in order to make absolutely clear that when places are given up (which they are for varying reasons), these places cannot then return to the market.

These places apply to holiday rentals as well as to hotels. Last year, some 5,500 places were removed from the market. Of the 120,000 places granted under the 2012 tourism law, around three-quarters of them were for holiday rental accommodation.

The revised text of PIAT will specifically refer to the concept of "de-growth" in affirming that accommodation places will be eliminated.

In so-called mature resorts, there are currently 30,000 accommodation places which can be exchanged for new ones. The revision will also therefore establish that there cannot be an exchange. The mature resorts are Playa de Palma, Arenal (Llucmajor), Magalluf, Palmanova, Santa Ponsa, Cala Millor and Calas de Mallorca.


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Malcolm / Hace about 1 year

It's the QUALITY you have to worry about not the Quantity.


Dave / Hace about 1 year

Well, well, well.... That's one way of reducing tourists ?


Stewart / Hace about 1 year

Won’t be a problem eliminating 120,000 tourist accommodation places as we will not be visiting this year.