Palma's arrivals might become a bit busier from next week. | Efe

The national transport minister, José Luis Ábalos, said on Monday that there could be an adjustment to travel rules in de-escalation Phase 3. This could mean that there is travel between provinces in the same region or indeed between regions after June 7 (the end date for Phase 2 for much of the country).

Ábalos confirmed a point made by Prime Minister Sánchez at the weekend, which is that while regional governments will be able to manage Phase 3, mobility decisions will still be the responsibility of the national government. The de-escalation programme has always envisaged travel between provinces only being permitted once the "new normal" starts after Phase 3. However, from June 8, the start of the final extension, it could well be possible that there is movement between those territories which are in Phase 3. If regional governments decide to do so and the evolution of the pandemic permits this, then "it will be possible to establish a level of mobility within a region or even between regions that are at the same phase".

The minister has confirmed that quarantine on foreign travellers arriving in the Balearics will be lifted at the end of the state of alarm, i.e. after June 21. He explained that it will be a question of launching the test project of safe air corridors for flights from places with low infection levels. The Canary Islands will also be included in this test. These trials will therefore act as preparation for a general opening of the country to tourism.