Spain's health minister Salvador Illa. | J, J. Guillén


Spain's health minister, Salvador Illa, says that there will not be travel between Spanish regions during Phase 3. The transport minister, José Luis Ábalos, said on Monday that this could be the case, but Illa is insisting that there will only be travel between provinces within regions. Once the "new normal" begins (June 22 for most of the country), then there can be travel between regions.

Illa explained that regional "governance" under Phase 3 will enable governments to decide if they allow movement between provinces. It will also be up to regional governments to decide when they proceed to the new normal and to permit travel to other regions. "It will be up to regional presidents to adopt the move to the new normal."

He stressed the importance of strict adherence to hygiene and protection recommendations and suggested that the obligatory wearing of masks will remain in force when the new normal is reached, as will be the necessity to maintain social distancing. The government, he added, is looking at the "most appropriate legal measure" in doing everything necessary to avoid infections once the new normal starts.