The councillor for tourism and sports, Andreu Serra. | Consell de Mallorca


The Council of Majorca will next week launch a tourism promotion campaign aimed at attracting tourists from the other islands in the Balearics. With a theme of going to "the other best island in the world", the Council's tourism department wants to highlight Majorca as the perfect place to unwind, take a holiday and enjoy all that the island has to offer. An aim is to make a positive out of the current situation, emphasising that proximity is necessary and is also more sustainable and favours better use of resources.

The tourism and sports councillor, Andreu Serra, says that the campaign is part of the Council's measures for "post-Covid economic reactivation". "Proximity also means that travel is safer. We have more and better information about procedures. We know the language, and we know the levels of service. Proximity is convenient but without giving up all the things that holidays mean: relaxation, fun, adventure, culture, gastronomy and sport."

The campaign's launch will be on Monday, with advertising being in newspapers, on the radio and online.