Medical supplies being unloaded from cargo plane in Majorca. | EFE


By April 30, the coronavirus crisis had cost Ib-Salut an extra 45,865,935 euros.

27.4 million euros of the money was spent on medical supplies and equipment such as, gowns, glasses, masks, hydro-alcoholic solution, gloves, detection kits, protective screens and thermometers.

Cargo planes were chartered to bring the materials to the Balearic Islands at a cost of 500,000 euros each for 5 round trips totalling 2.5 million euros.

Another 3.6 million euros were spent on respirators, treatment carts, monitors and defibrillators, which were purchased to deal with the acute phase of the pandemic.

4.3 million euros were spent on technology and in the global calculation, budget excess amounted to 37.9 million euros by the end of April.

Chapter II Consumption accounts, which incorporates the biggest expenditure that Management made in connection with the coronavirus health crisis amounts to 2.7 million euros.

An estimated 688 extra Healthcare Professionals have joined the Islands' Public Health System during the crisis, increasing payroll by 3.5 million euros.

Excessive hiring

There were some disagreements over staff contracts at Son Llàtzer Hospital where 20 extra workers were taken on to make sure there was sufficient coverage. The Nursing Management explained to the SATSE Union that the contracts were extended until August or September to guarantee availability during the Covid-19 pandemic which meant their contracts lasted longer than those who were employed before them.

Management claims that those with contracts that ended on April 30 have been relocated to other services and will return if needed during the summer holidays.

“The unease amongst employees is caused by the decisions over who stays and who goes, because some of those who leave have been working in the ICU for many years and are in high positions in the job market, while others who stay are in lower positions," warns Isabel Horrach, Nursing Union Delegate.