The policing system is intended to make more officers available for Playa de Palma. | Archive


A report by a Palma police officer, José Alemany Capó, points to there having been an unnecessary and avoidable increase in the cost of summer police reinforcement in the city. He refers to a management change in August last year and to a cost increase of between 20% and 45% per working hour.

Alemany notes that there was agreement in 2018 regarding the voluntary working day exchange system, which led to greater efficiency in Playa de Palma than had previously been the case. But in August last year it was dismantled. This was during the summer peak, "which was absolutely crazy". The replacement system, he maintains, is harmful to town hall funds and to the service given to the public.

Over 77 days when the previous system had been operating in 2019, there were 77 working days, for which the exchange of working hours was 19,308. When the system changed, there were 92 days left of the summer programme, and the hours fell to 7,646. In August last year, he states, 54% of services ordered by the chief of police were not carried out due to a lack of available officers, something that had never happened with the working day swap system. As to cost, an eight-hour night shift which previously would have cost 230 euros went up, in the most extreme cases, to 433 euros.