Police on patrol in Palma.

Police on patrol in Palma. archive photo.

04-06-2020Ultima Hora

A man was arrested in a burger restaurant in Santa Ponsa on Wednesday for refusing to respect social distancing rules. The defendant was detained for ignoring instructions to keep his distance and allegedly threatening the Guardia Civil Officers and staff at the restaurant.

An airline passenger was refused entry to Majorca when he arrived on an International flight from Hamburg on Wednesday, because his trip was not justified and did not meet the established requirements.

Five young people were stopped by the Guardia Civil in the early hours of Wednesday morning for drinking alcohol on a public road in Soller.

557 passengers arrived at Son Sant Joan Airport in Palma on Wednesday and 619 left the island on 20 flights, according to data from the Guardia Civil.

There were 16 domestic flights in and out of Palma and two flights from abroad which were controlled by National Police and Healthcare Professionals. 62 people were told to quarantine for 14-days.

220 passengers landed at Ibiza Airport and another 214 left the island on 5 scheduled flights.

119 passengers arrived at Minorca Airport and 109 left the island on six scheduled flights.

The State Security Forces and Corps and Local Police in the Balearic Islands identified about 500 people and 200 vehicles on Wednesday at road checkpoints.

Palma Local Police issued 67 administrative acts on Wednesday for disobedience for non-compliance with the restrictions of the State of Emergency.

Guardia Civil Traffic Officers escorted vehicles transporting medical equipment from the cargo terminal at Son Sant Joan Airport in Palma to an industrial estate in the City.


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John / Hace about 1 year

More money making exploits from Spanish police. What with their stopping cars on mass before Christmas to 'boost their bonuses' and now just issuing fines for nothing, it really is the most Corrupt and untrustworthy force in Europe. It's a shame Spanish businesses aren't as commercial!!


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

It is a funny detail that the people who are stopping travellers and are fining fellow citizens, are mostly not wearing masks themselves. A lot do, but a lot don´t either. Every time I am amazed to see how many police officers and GC are not wearing masks, either in cars (with two people) and or on the street. But, in Spain, these people are above the law anyway.