No more daily coronavirus updates in the Balearic Islands. | EFE


Dr Javier Arranz, the Spokesperson for the Autonomous Committee for the Management of Infectious Diseases has announced that there will no longer be daily updates of coronavirus deaths and infections in the Balearic Islands.

There were three fatalities and 39 infections this week and 140 patients were discharged from hospital, compared to 55 infections and 120 discharges last week.

The Balearic Islands has 254 active coronavirus cases, 88 are hospitalised and 17 are in the ICU.

In Majorca, 72 are hospitalised, 14 are in the ICU, and 18 patients are receiving Primary Care at home. 39 Healthcare Professionals are infected and 143 are under surveillance.

In Minorca, 2 are hospitalised, there are no patients in the ICU and 3 are receiving Primary Care at home. There have been no new infections in Minorca for 28 days, which Dr Arranz says “gives peace of mind.”

In Ibiza and Formentera, 17 are hospitalised, 3 are in the ICU and 12 are receiving Primary Care at home. No Healthcare Professionals are infected, but 11 are under surveillance.

More than 100,000 tests have been carried out in the Balearic Islands to detect the disease, including 2,500 in the last 24 hours.

There are no new infections in Residences for the disabled.

33 residents and 14 Healthcare Professionals from Nursing Homes for the elderly are infected and all of them are hospitalised. 226 have completely overcome the infection.