The mayor of Palma, José Hila. | Miquel À. Cañellas - Archive


Palma mayor, José Hila, expressed his hope on Friday that, with the start of de-escalation Phase 3 next week, more hotels will open so that more employees can leave ERTE and resume their jobs. Noting that this represented an important moment for a city which "lives from tourism", Hila said that there are to be two promotional campaigns. One of these, from mid-June, will target the national market, while the second will be for the German market and in cooperation with tour operators and the Council of Majorca. The city will be presented as a "safe destination".

Beach services, the mayor explained, will gradually be introduced by concessionaires as the number of beachgoers increases. And with this increase, there will be "vigilance" in ensuring that safety measures are adhered to. There have, so far, been "no notable incidents" in this regard.

For fiestas and events, Hila explained that town hall technical personnel are drawing up protocols and with the aim of there being small and "controllable" gatherings. With Sant Joan Eve now just over two weeks away, Hila hoped that, as far as possible, people would not go to beaches, especially smaller ones. "There will be more Sant Joan Eves to celebrate."

As to various municipal services, Hila and other councillors announced that, among others, tourist information offices will reopen between this coming Monday and Monday week, which is when the office for citizen attention will open in Arenal.