Catalina Cladera, Consell de Mallorca President. | Ultima Hora

The Consell de Mallorca has presented a Strategic Tourism Plan for the next four years which focuses on the tourist revival of the island, after the coronavirus pandemic which has changed everyone’s way of life in terms of travel and sightseeing.

“The Strategic Tourism Plan 2020-2023 is the result of 10 months of intense work, with the first seven followed by three months during the pandemic, in which more than a hundred meetings between public and private entities were held to share knowledge and opinions and design a roadmap for present and future tourism, with a unanimous commitment to preparing and adapting Majorca to make it a safe destination for visitors,” said Consell President, Catalina Cladera.

She explained that the Plan has a series of fundamental and inalienable axis that can be summarised as working on the protection of the territorial values ​​of Majorca and establishing a symbiosis between tourism and respect for the environment.

The plan is part of the 'Mallorca Reacts' project as well as reinforcing the image of the island of Majorca as a destination under the motto 'Mallorca in the Centre of the Mediterranean' and of public-private management.

It’s also about promoting Local and National Tourism, which she said will require the collaboration of the Government, in addition to promoting new technologies, or ICT, to turn the Island into an especially smart destination, that helps clients feel safe.

"It is essential that tourists understand that Majorca is not just sun and sand," she said.

Majorca & Covid-19

Catalina Cladera also referred to the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on the island.

Majorca has maintained tighter control of the pandemic than other territories,” she said. Since the beginning, security controls have been in place at access points on the islands and they are still in place, which allows us to create safe corridors with other destinations.”

“Also,” she added, "Majorca is in the advantageous position of having resources and infrastructures already in place to face the new normal after the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic."

Tourist Pilot Plan & ERTEs

On Friday, Catalina Cladera also spoke about the pilot plan to bring tourists to Majorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands in the second half of June and the need to relax and expand the Temporary Employment Regulation Files, or ERTEs.

Cladera was very positive about the pilot plan for tourists saying “it will demonstrate the health security of the island of Majorca and the Balearic Islands as a whole”.

She also pointed out that “It’s very important that the ERTEs are relaxed and extended until December 31, that these ERTEs are linked to the workplace and not to companies,” and considers it essential that the Government help promote National Tourism.

"The Tourism Sector is the driving force of Majorca but its success depends on the hard work and efforts of those who are part of the value chain,” she added.

Strategic Tourism Plan 2020-2023

The Tourism & Sports Minister, Andreu Serra provided more details about the Consell de Mallorca's Strategic Tourism Plan 2020-2023.

The Plan is divided into four sections, consolidation, innovation, sustainability and 'smart destination’.

Minister Serra pointed out that the emphasis is on the strategic lines of governance and tourist intelligence; the promotion, marketing and physical and social adaptation of the destination and the training of the Sector.

Three lines of work

“The first line of work is part of the project 'Mallorca Reacts' a cross-cutting work through the implementation of Tourist Offices to which resources and knowledge will be added,” he said, adding, "we are working to achieve a tool for timely information on prospects of the issuing countries, as a channel for information distribution so that Majorca is a safe destination.”

He also said a request had been made to enter the International Tourism Network and join the Network of Safe Tourist Destinations.

Regarding the Redefinition of Tourism line, Minister Serra said “Majorca will change from selling products to selling experiences, under the new motto 'Mallorca in the centre of the Mediterranean.”

“The plan is to send weekly information to issuing markets and advertise from June 15, which is possible thanks to Palma 365 and the Mallorca Tourism Foundation, who want Majorca to continue to be a tourism leader and generate impact and National tourism on the island,” he said.

Minister Serra added, "the plan is to conduct a campaign of ambassadors at the destination, through profiles, marketing campaigns, and a tourism App.”

In the third and final line of work, he referred to the work done by the Council to "develop panels of recommendations for the safety of workers and customers, the promotion of tourist excellence at destinations, hold forums for safe destinations in September and strengthen the relationship with the 'Mallorca Reacts' project.”