Prime Minister Sánchez on Sunday. | Efe


At his Sunday press briefing, Prime Minister Sánchez announced that 255,000 people in 75,000 households will receive the Spanish government's new minimum living income on 26 June. More than half of the beneficiaries, he said, will be minors. The government calculates that this benefit will eventually reach 850,000 households and 2.3 million people, 30% of whom will be minors. It is a measure, stressed the prime minister, "in the fight against child poverty".

In more general terms, Sánchez confirmed that the cabinet will be passing a royal decree on Tuesday that will set out rules to prevent new outbreaks of coronavirus once the state of alarm is lifted. These will include the obligatory wearing of masks in situations where social distancing cannot be guaranteed.

The prime minister made a particular appeal to young people to observe hygiene standards and prevent new outbreaks.