At Minorca Airport on Monday. | Gemma Andreu


For Minorca, Spanish tourism is every bit as important as UK tourism; slightly more important in fact. Taking 2018 as an example, Spanish tourism was 37% of the total, whereas UK tourism was 35%. But as Spanish destinations now compete to attract the national market, Minorca finds itself at a price disadvantage because of the cost of flights.

The principal route for the island's mainland tourism is from Barcelona. Vueling provides most of the service and from the first of July will be operating a full daily schedule. One-way prices range from 140 to 320 euros. The average price in the first week of July is 200 euros, with the highest for a round trip being 600 euros. In the case of, for instance, a family of four travelling between Friday, 3 July and Sunday, 12 July, the combined cost is up to 2,400 euros. The alternatives to Vueling are limited. From 22 June, Ryanair will be operating three flights a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The prices, one way, are from 47.86 euros to 78.45 euros. Availability is already scarce.

The difference in price compared with Majorca is great. It is being presumed that Friday, 3 July will be the first big getaway day for holidays. The average price to fly to Minorca on that day is 207.49 euros. For Majorca it is 91.35 euros, while Ibiza is almost half the cost - 108.45 euros.

From Madrid, which is the other main route for Minorca, the prices are slightly lower and the differences are still evident. A Skyscanner search reveals a minimum price on 3 July of 201 euros. For Majorca it is 104 euros and for Ibiza 98 euros.