Water quality in Mallorca good enough to swim in. | Pexels


The quality of water at all of Majorca’s is good enough to swim in and according to a study by the European Environment Agency, which analyses bathing areas the entire coastline is in good health.

Some Better Than Others

The report rates all of Majorca's beaches either 'good' or 'excellent' and the nine beaches with 'good' water quality, including Can Pere Antoni, s'Arenal, Puerto Sóller, Cala Esmeralda, Camp de Mar, Santa Ponsa, Peguera and des Brismar beach.

To determine the quality of the water, the National Bathing Water Information System, or NÁYADE measures the level of two harmful contaminants of faecal origin, Escherichia Coli, or E. Coli and intestinal Enterococcus.

The above map shows which beaches have been approved, but have lower quality water, the rest of Majorca’s coastline has excellent water quality.

The map shows that Can Pere Antoni beach is rated as “good” quality, whereas Ciudad Jardín is rated "excellent." For several summers, the authorities have been forced to close beaches in Palma because of wastewater and faeces spillages after heavy rain.

The water quality management public health regulation is contained in Royal Decree 1341/2007, dated 11 October.

Municipalities and Autonomous Institutions are required to monitor water quality by taking samples from beaches in all bathing areas every week.

The Ministry of Environment, Agriculture & Fisheries also performs periodic microbiological analysis in its official laboratory and the results are displayed on the information panels at beaches and on its webpage and are also included in the National Information System of Aguas del Baño.