New rules for schools from September. | Miquel À. Cañellas


The national minister of education, Isabel Celáa, spoke with regional ministers on Thursday in agreeing health measures for the next school year starting in September.

For infant and primary school pupils (up to year four) there will be set groups of between 15 and 20 pupils who will not have to observe safe distancing of 1.5 metres or wear masks unless they go to other areas of schools. In primary years five and six and for secondary and Baccalaureate pupils, there will be 1.5 metres distancing, with masks mandatory where this is not possible. Masks will not need to be worn when sitting at desks.

Schools will prioritise the use of outdoor spaces for educational and leisure activities. Pupils will have to follow rules for hand hygiene - frequent hand washing - and avoid touching their noses, eyes and mouths. Each school will need to have school year start plans and contingency plans as well as a person who is responsible for all aspects of Covid-19.

Schools will be cleaned at least once a day, with toilets to be cleaned at least three times a day. There will need to be frequent ventilation, with windows kept open as long as possible where weather conditions permit. If any pupils show signs of symptoms, they will have to be taken to a place for individual use, while the family is contacted.