Pilot Hotel Scheme boosts summer season in Majorca. | M. À. Cañellas


It looks like there will be a summer season in Majorca after all, thanks to a very positive reaction to the Government’s Pilot Scheme, according to the Balearic Hotel Chain Association, or ACH and FEHM.

“The great reception in Germany has caused a rebound effect in issuing markets because it’s brought forward the start of the tourist season and there’s been a considerable increase in the number of hotels that are going to be operational,” says ACH President, Gabriel Llobera.

The turnaround in tourist reservations has prompted a massive rethink amongst businesses in Majorca.

“Just a month ago, companies were contemplating not reopening hotels this year because of the negative effect the coronavirus pandemic has had on the Tourism Industry. Now, they're looking at opening up at the end of this month and getting workers off ERTE, which is good news and will definitely benefit productive and economic activity throughout the Island,” he said.

The Minister of Labour & Tourism, Iago Negueruela, says the future suddenly looks a lot brighter in Majorca.

"It is very positive news because safe corridors are established and this will mean we can move the beginning of the Tourist Season forward, which will reactivate the Island’s economy,” he said.

Both the Government and Hoteliers agree that "this situation was not viable a month ago" because of the fall in all issuing markets.

Tour Operators

TUI Group says it's extremely happy with Germany’s response to the Tourist Pilot Scheme.

“The level of demand just confirms that Germans really want to come to Majorca on holiday and the positive thing is that thanks to this plan we can now say that we are going to have a 2020 Tourist Season. ”

After the negative forecast of previous months, German Tour Operators and Hoteliers in Majorca are looking forward to a busy high season.

“We are very pleased to be able to repeat 25% of the activity we generated in July, August and September 2019, this season will be a success for everyone and boost the Island’s economy.”

A Very Different Majorca

TUI Group CEO, Fritz Joussen, says the German tourists coming to Majorca as part of the Tourist Pilot Scheme will see a big difference in the island.

The drop in tourism and local activity during the coronavirus lockdown gave the natural world a chance to recover and the environmental results in Majorca are simply stunning.