1,000 extra teachers needed for next term. | EFE


Around 1,000 extra teachers are needed to guarantee a safe return to classes in the Balearic Islands, according to the General Secretary of the Federation of Public Services of UGT-Baleares.

Miguel Ángel Romero has acknowledged that hiring new staff will cost the Government around 40 million euros and has announced that the union is taking the Government to court over "lack of negotiation".

The UGT is proposing that the Government use the money it receives from the non-returnable fund of 16 billion euros from the State to hire teachers.

The union estimates that the Balearic Islands will receive 2.5% of that fund, which amounts to around 50 million euros.

Challenge Phase 3 Protocol

The UGT has threatened to sue the Government for violating the fundamental right to collective bargaining and will present a contentious-administrative appeal against the resolution of Minister March, who set the protocol for Phase 3.

Romero has accused the Education Minister of "encouraging division" within the educational community as a "strategy" to avoid negotiating conditions in the Education Sector with the unions.

The UGT regrets “the unjust message that has been conveyed" regarding the willingness of teachers to return to face-to-face classes, and criticised the Government for not proposing a Pilot Plan for the Education Sector as has been done with Tourism.