Playa de Porto Cristo, Majorca. | Ultima Hora

Manacor City Council has closed Porto Cristo at least until Monday, because of faecal spillages.

Tests are carried out periodically and according to Coastal Areas Councillor, Sebastià Nadal, the latest ones were positive for microbial contamination, so swimming is banned.

Councillor Nadal says the contamination was caused by heavy rains earlier in the week.

“Rainwater empties onto the beach, but at some point sewage got mixed in with it, it’s a problem that happens every time there’s heavy rain,” he said.

The tests also proved positive for ecoli in the Marina.

“We’ve closed the beach for safety reasons and analysis has been done again and it usually takes 48 hours but at the weekend it takes a little longer. We hope that the beach can be reopened on Monday.”