Rain around as summer starts. | Archive


Astronomical summer starts on Saturday, and Aemet is forecasting that the change of season will be characterised by some unsettled weather in the Balearics. Majorca in particular, says the met agency, can expect localised showers for the rest of the week and into the weekend.

On Wednesday, the temperature is due to drop, and storms and hail are likely in the early afternoon in the northern half of Majorca. The temperature is expected to recover on Thursday, but showers are forecast for the afternoon. On Friday, a low-pressure system is predicted to bring rain in the morning and a slight drop in temperature.

Over the weekend and on Monday, it is expected to be cloudy early on in the day, while showers will be possible in the middle of the day. Temperatures will be back up to 28 or 29C.

Aemet notes that there were "tropical nights" on Monday night in Capdepera and Palma. The nighttime temperature remained 20C or above; in Capdepera it was a minimum of 21C. There have so far been three tropical nights in June.