Anger over mobile phone tower in Portals. | Ultima Hora


Residents in the upper part of Portals are furious that a mobile phone tower has been installed near their homes in Carrer Ramón Llull, Carrer del Bosc and Carrer de la Victòria and want Calvia City Council to remove it immediately.

"We don’t want 5G, or whatever, attached to our homes, for our health, for the depreciation of our properties and for the environmental impact," said one neighbour.

Sources in Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal's office insist that the tower is 3G and 4G, not 5G and also pointed out that it was put up as a result of mounting complaints about coverage problems from neighbours in Portals and Costa de’n Blanes.

"The aim is to improve this coverage deficit with this new mobile phone tower,” they claim.

But residents are having none of that and are demanding that Calvià City Council find a new location, with good reception and “set up an antenna park further away from their homes, where it won’t annoy anyone.” They also suggested putting it “at the top of the Bendinat tunnel.”

A campaign has been launched to collect signatures and put pressure on Calvia City Council to move the mobile phone tower somewhere else.