Aena's plans for the airport have run up against environmental opposition.

17-06-2020Teresa Ayuga

The Balearic Environment Commission has produced an unfavourable report concerning the project for expansion and remodelling at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport.

As was the case last September, the commission is once more urging the national ministry for ecological transition, which will have the final word on the project, to not give its authorisation. The ministry, the commission believes, should not approve any project that involves an increase in capacity and in numbers of flights and passengers. The global climate emergency and aviation's emission of greenhouse gases should be taken into account.

The airports authority Aena decided in February to reformulate the project, and the new draft was delivered to the commission a month ago. However, the commission is still not satisfied. The revised project "does not imply any modification but refers to the objective to modernise infrastructure in accordance with new European safety regulations". "The draft should therefore ensure that the project will meet this objective and not be an instrument for increasing airport capacity."


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Kim C / Hace about 1 year

They look at the enviromental problem the wrong way. The airplane industri is geting newer and more efficent plantes, because that will save them money on fuel. Thereby poluting less...

The Belaric government is trying to get rid of the "working class" turist. But That's the backbone of the Islands industri. Without regular people, night clubs and beach parties. It will soon be boring. The joy will die, and eventhough we might hate the noise... We sometimes need the space to make a bit of noise ourself ;)