Eating outside carries low to medium risk of Covid-19 infection. | Teresa Ayuga


As we stumble out of lockdown and the coronavirus restrictions are relaxed, there's some confusion about which activities are safe and which are high risk.

Dr José Ignacio Sáez de Ibarra, Head of the Cardiac Surgery Service at Son Espases Hospital has put together an easy to follow chart to show people what’s safe and what’s not.

Dr Sáez de Ibarra’s barometer is split into 9 levels of probability of Covid-19 infection.

It shows that picking up takeaway food from a restaurant and playing tennis are amongst the safest activities.

Flying in a plane, dining at a friend's house, going to the beach, your hairdresser, dentist or even a bowling alley are medium risk.

But Dr Sáez de Ibarra recommends staying away from high-risk places like the gym, sports stadiums and spending a long time in enclosed spaces like churches and schools.