Patients to consult experts by phone at Primary Care Health Centres | Jaume Morey


The coronavirus lockdown has prompted Primary Care Centres to rethink and update systems that have been in place for 25 years to make them more efficient.

"People have been calling us during the lockdown and it has worked very well, there is no fear but there is still respect," says Miguel Caldentey, Manager of Primary Care in Majorca.

“The goal now is to direct patients to the Professional who can best solve their needs, but if do they come to the Health Centre, we won't refuse them," he says. “We want to create new agendas this week and by the end of the month it will work in all Centres.”

About 30% of Medical Staff’s time is usually spent resolving bureaucratic procedures, so the plan is to delegate more responsibility to Administrative Staff.

"They will have their own agenda to help people who come in with a problem," said Caldentey. “They will become Managers to improve the continuity of care between Primary Care Centres and Hospitals.”

Auxiliary Nursing Technicians, or TCAIs, who have access to the information system of Primary Care Centres and Hospitals, will be able to consult and process requests for analysis and register the care activity. The planned system will also cover chronic patients who depend on Health Centres far beyond a first visit.

"We will see them at home, it's just a matter of adapting the resources we have to the needs of each case,” explains Miguel Caldentey.

The only exception will be the Child and Adolescent Health Program, because vaccinations and periodic check-ups for children aged 0 to 14 are always done face-to-face.

Miguel Caldentey also confirmed that health education will not continue in the near future.

"It's one of the things we still have to stop because this is not the time for groups to gather, but it's a strong point of Primary Care, whose function is not just to heal, it’s also to make sure the patient doesn’t get sick," said Caldentey. "Health Centres will be equipped with technology and maternity courses and others will be done via videoconferencing, although they may not be suitable for all ages."

Paediatric Assistance

He is confident that vaccinations for 0-3-year-olds have not been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and says an active search for children whose vaccinations need to be updated is continuing.

"Now we are focussing on those up to 6 years old and from June 15 appointments can be made with a paediatrician," he said. “In fact, paediatric control and vaccination is the exception to this new consultation formula and parents should ask for a face-to-face appointment."