Airport checks, Majorca.

Airport checks, Majorca.

19-06-2020Ultima Hora

Health Professionals are checking passengers who arrive at ports and airports in the Balearic Islands.

The staff of 62 includes 28 Red Cross nurses, 28 workers from different IB-Salut departments who were hired specifically for passenger surveillance; 6 from the Department of Foreign Health who are in charge of passengers arriving on International flights.

Two Health Technicians, a Professional from the Health & Care Management company, GSAIB, a Red Cross Nurse and a Public Health Coordinator are present at every tourist entry point on the Islands.

Arrival process in Majorca.

All passengers must complete a questionnaire which is collected by the Health Technicians who also take the temperature of all tourists. If the result is less than 37.5 degrees, they can continue on their way, but if they have a fever they will be checked by a nurse at the arrival point.

Control process

After a clinical observation, the passenger with a fever may continue to his final destination, but if he presents suspicious symptoms, he must undergo a PCR test at hospital. If the test is positive the tourist will be quarantined at a tourist establishment reserved by the Health Department and if the symptoms get worse he will be hospitalised.

Triple Health Check

Health Minister, Salvador Illa, has warned that travellers will have to pass a triple health check when they arrive in Spain, which include filling out a health document, a temperature control test and a visual inspection.

Forms being handed to out in Majorca.


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Brian Walsh / Hace about 1 year

Hi, Could you please clarify where I get access to the health form I need to complete on arrival at Palma. I am aware that the mainland requires an online process to be completed at least 48 hours prior to arrival in Spain. I would be grateful if you could please clarify for readers.

many thanks Brian