Noise is just one complaint about motorbikes in the mountains. | Archive


Once mobility restrictions started to be lifted, a familiar noise returned to the Puig Major road in the Tramuntana Mountains - that of motorbikes being ridden at high speed.

Despite speed restraint measures and a 50 kph speed limit in some stretches of the road, the illegal climbs and races have restarted. Noise reduction was one of the reasons why the Council of Majorca introduced these measures, but they don't seem to have had any impact. There are suggestions that bikes have been doing up to 160 kph, with the Mirador de Ses Barques being a spot for people to film riders. The maximum speed limit is 70 kph.

Residents and other road users say that the Guardia Civil don't mount controls at times when violations are at their greatest - in the late afternoon. They also point to the road safety dangers from bikes taking bends at high speed and drifting into the centre of the road or the other lane.