Images of crowds could damage Minorca's tourism hopes.


The president of the Council of Minorca, Susana Mora, says that behaviour of the type recently witnessed for the Sant Joan Fiestas "does not help us, either in terms of health or tourism image".

Mora was referring to gatherings in Ciutadella, despite the fiestas having been called off. The president suggests that images of these gatherings will add to people's uncertainties regarding flying, with the World Health Organization having drawn attention to new outbreaks and to the disease becoming more virulent.

She is stressing that the gatherings were not representative of a Ciutadella society which is "behaving within parameters of maximum responsibility". "But they could cost us dearly if there were to be a new outbreak. Minorca has attained a stamp for being a safe destination, which is the fruit of the efforts made by the entire Minorcan society. The bad image distorts this. I appeal to the responsibility of Minorcan society. It has been very difficult for us to achieve health safety parameters which can allow us to enjoy the new normal."