Paseo Marítimo, Palma. | Youtube: Ultima Hora

An increasing number of complaints have been received from residents in specific neighbourhoods of Palma about alleged, illegal, parties that last until the early hours of the morning, despite the new restrictions recently introduced by Palma City Council.

It’s become so bad that the Employers' Association has issued a statement complaining about the lack of control over parties and street noise.

It is unacceptable that illegal activities are taking place in premises and spaces that, in addition to not being licensed, do not have any health and safety measures in place. Dance floors are prohibited, closing hours have been cut back and even regulated entertainment venues are prevented from opening, but we are witnessing the uncontrolled proliferation of clandestine events.”

The Employers’ Association and residents who live on the Paseo Marítimo claim these activities are being carried out "with impunity".

“The truth is that the negligence of functions carried out by the City Council is nonsense. Before the confinement, these bars closed their terraces at 0500 in the morning, which was very inconvenient,” they said. “The Port Authority and its President Joan Gual supported us from the beginning, and the terraces must close at 0100, but the attached video was recorded last Tuesday, June 23 at 0320."

Business owners in the Paseo Marítimo are determined to end the lack of control, they already have notarised papers showing terraces that are still open at 5 o’clock in the morning and intend to take the matter to court.