Watermelon Harvest has begun in Majorca. | Ultima Hora


The watermelon harvest has begun in Majorca and we can all look forward to having plenty of this gorgeous, refreshing fruit on supermarket shelves between now and the end of September.

At the Sa Sínia farm in Manacor, which is Managed by Agroilla, the harvest is expected to yield 1.5 million kilos of watermelon.

"The harvest is one of the most important moments, because if the watermelon is collected at the optimal time it will be large caliber, juicy and very sweet, with a loose meat texture that’s strong enough to hold up well after harvest and have adequate levels of sugar,” says Agroilla Partner, Mateu Pascual.

During the annual harvest, the watermelon is collected by specialist people.

"The Cutting Specialist goes through our fields and selects and cuts them, then collectors place them properly in boxes before they’re transported from the farm to the facilities where they’re sold,” explains Mateu.

Watermelon Harvest has begun in Majorca.

The weather has been pretty good for the watermelon crops this year, but the ripening process was delayed slightly by rain and farmers had to keep an eye on the fruit to determine when it was ready to be harvested.

Watermelon seeds are sown outdoors during the month of February and two types are grown at sa Sínia farm.

The black one, with seeds that can be eaten, which is also known as the ‘seedless watermelon’ and the classic striped one that’s more common in Majorcan homes.

Every year, the Agroilla Technical Team selects the best varieties from Majorca, the Peninsula and overseas.

"The one from here can be harvested at the perfect time and ready to eat in customer’s homes within 24 hours, which is why it’s so important to eat local produce, especially after the coronavirus health crisis,” says Mateu Pascual.

Demand for watermelon in the Hospitality Sector is usually very high and farmers are anxiously waiting to see what consumption will be like on the Island while most of the Hotels in Majorca are still closed.

Mateu Pascual & Joan Simonet, Sa Sínia farm, Manacor.

The three essentials for good watermelon production; good irrigation, optimal fertilisation and a cure for any plagues or illnesses that can affect the crop.