Palma town hall is to introduce a bylaw governing pets. | Archive


A new Palma bylaw dealing with the ownership of animals is unlikely to be introduced before the end of the year. The intention had been to approve it in July, but its processing was delayed because of the state of alarm. Another factor in the delay, says animal welfare councillor Ramón Perpinyà, is that this is a sensitive bylaw that needs the agreement of animal welfare associations.

The administration that ruled the town hall between June 2015 and May 2019 was due to have introduced a bylaw. This had been proposed by Neus Truyol of Més when she was animal welfare councillor. Its draft included placing a limit of three on the number of dogs, cats (or similar) in flats. There was opposition to this, and the latest draft excludes limits.

The bylaw will be, adds Perpinyà, "regulation which ensures that all animals are in good condition", and there is therefore to be an emphasis on inspection. The ordinance will speed up the procedure for authorising inspections in response to complaints.

Absent from the bylaw will be any tax on pet ownership. Perpinyà says that he is not in favour of this.