Moroccan drug traffickers jailed in Palma. | Ultima Hora


Two Moroccan men have been jailed for drug trafficking and ordered to pay fines of 660,000 euros.

The court heard that when they arrived in Palma by ferry from Barcelona at 0630 on March 19, 2019, their Volkswagen Golf was inspected by Guardia Civil Officers and a sniffer dog.


The Officers found nothing suspicious in the car, but the dog kept motioning to the vehicle and because of its insistence the Volkswagen was taken away for further examination.

Four and a half kilos of cocaine valued at more than 430,000 euros was found hidden inside and more drugs and 22,000 in cash were discovered at the home of one of the suspects.

One of the defendants was originally sentenced to 9 years in prison and the other to 6 years, but their sentences were later reduced.

The main defendant was ordered to pay a penalty of 440,000 euros. The second was fined 220,000 euros and will be expelled from Spain for ten years after he’s served half of his sentence.