La Playa de Cala Major, Palma. | M. À. Cañellas


There's a severe lack of sunbeds and umbrellas on Palma's beaches at the moment, because most of the companies are waiting for Palma City Council to fork out compensation for losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Last June 2 they made us an offer that was lower than what we asked for, but we accepted it on June 3, then on June 25 we received a contract notice from the City Council that the agreement was not being processed, due to an internal problem at Cort,” said José Manuel Sánchez from Mar de Mallorca, which manages Playa de Palma.

"Everything has stopped because of a bureaucratic issue, which we don't understand, because other Municipalities have been much faster and more flexible and all the Consistory has to do is re-launch the agreement."

José Manuel Sánchez prefers not to reveal the details of the request that's been made to Cort, but confirms that it goes beyond a one-year extension of the concession.

Beach i Oci has put out around 40% of its sunbeds and umbrellas at Cala Major, but actually considered removing them again because demand is so low. Company Administrator, Onofre Fornés, says he has confidence in Palma City Council.

"We have been summoned to a face-to-face meeting either this Friday or Monday and we hope to have a written agreement soon."

Fornés revealed that the company has asked for a two year contract extension and exemption from paying fees.

Home Affairs Councillor, Alberto Jarabo, says he expects the sunbeds and umbrellas to be in place within a week.

“The verbal agreement already exists, what they want is a written guarantee, so there will be a secure agreement,” he said. "It is an economic negotiation, but they cannot make demands Cort without providing the service,” he added and pointed out that concessionaires are not allowed to launch non-essential services that could cause them more losses.

The operator at Cala Estancia has announced that the sunbeds and umbrellas will be put out this weekend.

Operators at Can Pere Antoni and Ciutat Jardí have ​​not put any beach furniture out yet because of unsociable behaviour in the area and say they're talking to Local Police about the possibility of increased surveillance.