Marina de Botafoc, Ibiza. | Pixabay

150 people were evicted from an illegal closing party at a venue in Marina de Botafoc in Ibiza the early hours of Thursday morning.

The same establishment was reported a few weeks ago for allowing crowds to congregate when Ibiza was still in phase 1 of the coronavirus de-escalation plan.

Police sources say the party was raging, hundreds of people were crowded into the venue and loud music was blaring from the DJ’s mixing desk.

A fine has been issued for non-compliance with the Royal Decree Law which states that social distancing and the use of a face mask are mandatory to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Citations were also issued for the alleged violation of Municipal Ordinances, including, excessive capacity, loud music and not having a licence.

A report has also been drawn up amid allegations of obstruction when Police are trying to inspect establishments on the White Island.

Club owners in Ibiza recently warned that the Government's refusal to allow nightclubs and discos in the Balearics to open this summer would lead to illegal parties in villas, on the beach and at other hotspots in Ibiza.