Son Sant Joan Airport, Palma. | Ultima Hora


An estimated 5 million passengers will pass through Palma Airport in July and August.

The opening of borders, the positive impact of Majorca’s Pilot Plan and stable health indicators, have led to a massive surge in European bookings, prompting the airlines to radically change their forecasts for July and August.

An aerial report by markets prepared for the Agència Estratègia Turística Illes Balears, or AETIB, which reports to the Conselleria de Turisme i Treball, confirms that the airlines have scheduled 50.5% fewer seats for July, and 24% less for August compared to 2019.

According to these forecasts, 2 million passengers will pass through Palma Airport in July, compared to 4,207,218 in 2019, and 3 million in August, down from 4,281,185 last year.

In early May it was unthinkable that 5 million passengers would be landing at Son Sant Joan Airport in July and August, mainly due to border closures, the State of Emergency in most EU countries, and the fact that the airlines had grounded more than 90% of their fleet.


The figures are still a long way from what they were in 2019, but they're a lot better than the Tourism Sector thought they would be.

Demand from Germany, the UK, Spain, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Austria, Belgium and Ireland is growing week by week, according to the AETIB report.

There’s been more traffic at Palma airport this week than at Madrid-Barajas or El Prat-Barcelona.

On Wednesday, July 1, 210 planes took off or landed at Son Sant Joan Airport, compared to 178 in Madrid and 172 in Barcelona.

On July 2, 212 aircraft took off or landed at Palma Airport, compared to 184 at Madrid-Barajas and 183 at El Prat-Barcelona.

Demand for holidays in Majorca is growing fast and i'ts likely to increase even more after mid-July with the arrival of British tourists.