Pleasure boat registrations and rentals plummet. | Majorca Daily Bulletin archive


Pleasure boat registrations fell by 31.26% in the Balearic Islands in the first 6 months of this year compared to the same period in 2019 because of the coronavirus pandemic, according to report by the National Association of Nautical Companies or ANEN, based on data provided by the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy.

A total of 486 nautical vessels were registered in the Balearic Islands between January and June, compared to 707 last year and at National level, pleasure boat registrations are down 28.7% for the first half of the year, with 2,488 registrations in 2020 compared to 3,489 registered in 2019.

After falls of 77% in April and 54.16% in May there’s been some respite in June with 6.35% growth in registrations compared to 2019.

Boat rentals also plummeted by 45.5.% in the first half of this year and by a whopping 71.38% in May alone. The figures for June show a smaller fall of 26.6% year-on year.

"Domestic tourists are looking for an enjoyable, safe holiday this year and what better than a boat in the middle of the sea. After the rise in registrations in June, we are confident that between now and September, Nautical Tourism will continue to be one of the preferred options for Spaniards and foreigners who come to Spain,” said Carlos Sanlorenzo, General Secretary of ANEN.

According to the Association, the Measures Guide for the reduction of coronavirus contagion for nautical-sports facilities and activities, which was coordinated by the ICTE in collaboration with the main National Associations in the Nautical Sector and published by the Secretary of State for Tourism, has helped to arouse interest amongst foreign and domestic tourists, some of whom will enjoy recreational sailing for the first time this year.

“As a result of ANEN presenting the Plan for the Development of Nautical Tourism to the Secretary of State of Tourism, the Nautical Sector has been included in Turespaña’s promotional campaigns this summer and that’s led to growth in Nautical Tourism in Spain,” said Carlos Sanlorenzo.