Playa de s'Oratori, Portals Nous, Majorca.

Playa de s'Oratori, Portals Nous, Majorca.

26-07-2019Gabriel Alomar

The Balearic Environmental Group, GOB claims the concession for the beach bar in s’Oratori in Portals Nous ran out in July 2018 and wants it removed.

In a statement, the GOB argues that as of today no extension to the concession had been published in the BOE, so it understands that the concession has been terminated as governed by the General Coastal Regulation.

"Upon expiration of the authorisation or concession, the General State Administration, without any further formalities, must take possession of the facilities and arrange for the suspension of the electricity, water, gas and telephone supply,” said the GOB.

The Environmentalists point out that the company operating the concession granted to the Bishopric of Mallorca in 1966, has the authorisation to install and operate seasonal services until 2021, according to the General Directorate of Territory.

“If the concession is in force, the fact of being exploited by another natural or legal person other than the concessionaire would be grounds for expiration and termination of the concession,” said the GOB, adding, ”it seems that the Bishopric has ceded or rented the concession to a company in exchange for economic benefit.”

The GOB has also demanded that the Balearic Coasts Demarcation ensure compliance with legislation and certify the registration of uses for s'Oratori in terms of occupation of public domain land such as a bar, jetty and solarium with concessions granted to the Bishopric of Mallorca.


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Dave / Hace about 1 year

Comparing an Environmentalists brain to a prison? well a prison has more cells


MARK TAYLOR / Hace about 1 year

Why want it removing? It's a nice cafe/bar and very handy when you're on the beach there, seems petty.


JohnG / Hace about 1 year

Typical. Now the tourists are flocking back to Majorca, the anti-tourist government springs back to life. Never mind what the beach facility means to the tourists for drinks and food requirements. Fair assumption is that the facility pays it's taxes and the other local trades benefit from the tourist influx. Plenty of beach bars in other mainland resorts, which is why I will be going there instead


john j hughes / Hace about 1 year

The GOB MOB is at it again...


Stevet / Hace about 1 year

Which bar is this please? Not the roxy beach bar😬