Iago Negueruela, Economic Model, Tourism & Labour Minister. | M. À. Cañellas


Economic recovery in the Balearic Islands could reach 80% in 2021 and "total" recovery between 2021 and 2022, according to the Minister of Economic Model, Tourism & Labour's calculations.

Iago Negueruela acknowledges that it won't be possible to compare this summer season with other years because we are in "an exceptional situation”. He hopes to extend the season at least until the end of October and pointed out that there is already tourist activity in July, despite negative forecasts earlier in the year.

"These four months are central, to show that the Balearic Islands are a safe destination, to show the world that we have implemented health and safety protocols and to project an image abroad that helps us recover the season in 2020 and have a much better season in 2021", he said.

Minister Negueruela stressed that it's difficult to forecast how the summer season would will turn out, saying it was important to be “cautious" about making predictions in the beginning.

"We have already said that it will be a very tough and very complex season," he said, recalling that he initially forecast that almost everything would still be closed in July.

"A very important effort has been made by everyone and that work is beginning to bear fruit with the start of the season being brought forward,” he said.

Minister Negueruela said he’s confident that the reactivation of the Tourism Sector will accelerate with the arrival of British tourists and that feedback from Tour Operators is optimistic.