Francina Armengol, President of the Government of the Balearic Islands. | Pere Bota


The Government and the Federation of Balearic Local Entities, or Felib have announced the creation of a mixed Commission formed by the Balearic Executive and the Municipalities to monitor economic recovery in the Balearic Islands in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis.

The announcement was made on Wednesday after a meeting between the President of the Balearic Government, Francina Armengol and members of Felib, to discuss the Plan for Improving Sustainability and Energy Efficiency.

The Commission will monitor what affects the Municipalities and agree measures to maximise them,” explained Rosario Sánchez, Minister of Finance & Foreign Relations.

Felib President, Antoni Salas, said the Commission will deal with issues that affect municipalism between the Government and the Federation.

"It's logical that any issue that affects the Municipalities and is regulated by the Government, must be agreed with the affected Municipalities," he said.

Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

At the meeting they also discussed the Plan for Improving Sustainability and Energy Efficiency, which is an initiative to boost the economy in collaboration with Island Councils and Municipalities and has a budget of 45.6 million euros.

The aim is to carry out projects in the Municipalities that will help regenerate activity after the Covid-19 pandemic and the Plan has five axis: Energy efficiency in public spaces; Sustainable urban mobility; Water cycle investments; Projects of compliance with the law of universal accessibility and elimination of architectural barriers and Projects that improve urban space.

The Government will collaborate with Island Councils, Municipalities and the President of Felib, who will help to coordinate the different Administrations.

Salas called the plan “the first step in diversifying the economy in the Municipalities” saying, "if we take a step forward in energy efficiency, it will be an economic investment, a boost for local economies and a firm first step for the diversification of the economy.”

15.6 million euros of the 45.6 million euro Plan will come from the Government and the rest will come from Island Councils and Municipalities.

Local Cooperation Fund

"Despite a drop in income, the Local Cooperation Fund remains intact,” said Sánchez, adding “there is 16.5 million euros with the same criteria as 2019.”

"We highly appreciate that the Local Cooperation Fund is maintained at the same quota as last year," added Minister Salas.