Security Guard, Joel Díaz | Ultima Hora


Two men have been arrested for allegedly robbing a supermarket and running over a Security Guard in Es Rafal.

One of the suspects was arrested in Ibiza on Thursday and the other was detained in Palma on Friday. Both have since been released on bail.

In late June one of the suspects reportedly abandoned his shopping cart when he was intercepted by the Security Guard and ran to the supermarket car park where the 2nd suspect was waiting in a white Fiat 500.

The Security Guard managed to open the driver's door, but the defendant accelerated and ran him over.

"Everything hurts, I have blows all over my body, a gash in my head with seven stitches and I'm uneasy about the fact that the people who did this are back on the streets,” said Security Guard, Joel Díaz, who’s recovering at a Private Clinic in Palma.

The victim launched an appeal on social networks to try locate the suspects, who allegedly hit 7 parked vehicles when they left the supermarket.


“I remember perfectly the thief telling his friend to ram me,” said Díaz. “I was dragged and the wheel of the car went over my hand. The most worrying thing is the head injury, but the doctors have put me under observation and I want to thank all my colleagues at the Security Company for calling me,” he said.