Plaça Rei Joan Carles I, Palma. | Gabriel Alomar


Més and Podemos are calling for the renaming of all Plaza’s, streets and public buildings in Palma that were been named after King Juan Carlos I.

It’s a debate that’s taking place in many Spanish cities after he was implicated in a Swiss offshore accounting scandal.

Barcelona, ​​Girona, Vitoria and Blanes have already taken action and the issue is soon to be addressed in Palma, but in the meantime, Més and Podemos have made it known that they support the removal of King Juan Carlos’ name from the streets of the city.

“This is an issue that we have to deal with in the Governing Board, but our position is that it should be renamed Plaça de les Tortugues which it’s already known as,” according to Antoni Noguera, Més per Mallorca Coordinator and Culture & Social Welfare Councillor.

Rodrigo Romero, Podemos Palma Spokesperson agrees with that.

"We want the name to be removed and are in favour of renaming it Plaça de les Tortugues,” he said. “From what’s been revealed so far, there is more than enough evidence for the Government Team to take action.”

PSOE says the issue is not even on its radar.

"It is an issue that has not been addressed by the Government Team," PSOE Spokesperson, Francisco Ducrós points out, adding, "the truth is that we don’t have it on the agenda but I expect it will be addressed someday."

Palma Mayor, José Hila, who will decide whether or not to change the names refused to discuss the issue, saying, “coronavirus is the priority right now."

If the renaming is approved it will be the second major name change in Palma, La Rambla dels Ducs reverted to La Rambla after the Duke of Palma, Iñaki Urdangarin after Urdangarin’s involvement in the 'Nóos case'.

Plaça Rei Joan Carles was previously called Plaza Pío XII and was renamed in 1988, but most locals call it Plaça de les Tortugues after the four bronze turtles in the fountain.