La Cruz de los Caídos, Bunyola. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


Bunyola City Council has rejected a joint motion from PP and Vox for the maintenance and protection of the Cross of the Fallen during the Civil War which is also known as sa Creu and stands in the town centre.

“The Cruz de los Caídos does not constitute a monument of hatred or confrontation between the Spanish, but is one of remembrance among the residents of Bunyola who fought for Spain on either side and is a symbol of concord and a fundamental element of the history of our people,” claimed Vox and PP.

They also requested that the "historical and heritage value" of the cross be recognised and demanded that the Government Team urge the Consell de Mallorca initiate the pertinent procedures so that after a study by the Insular Patrimoni Commission the monolith could be classified as a Site of Cultural Interest or BIC.

Vox and PP asked Bunyola City Council to maintain and reaffirm the plenary agreement of 1991 that describes ‘sa Creu’ as a “symbol of democracy and coexistence of the people of Bunyola”, but the Government Team disagreed and said it wants the cross to be removed.

EOB Spokesperson, Mercé Bujosa, informed the signatories of the motion that the City Council must comply with the Historical Memory law and remove the cross, which is the only element in the Municipality that’s a reminder of the Civil War, but admitted that there are no immediate plans to dismantle or remove it.